Friday, March 24, 2017

Why Life and Oatmeal?

Good question…it just came to me is the short answer.  But the more I think about it the more I realize just how fitting an analogy it is for my life.  First, you must understand that I LOVE oatmeal, especially in the winter.  It’s delicious, warm, the smell emanating from the stove as it cooks makes my mouth water in anticipation, and it’s definitely filling.  And let’s just talk about the variety of flavors, holy chow!  You can buy instant oatmeal in flavors ranging from apple cinnamon to vanilla chai to lemon ricotta pancake.  If you’re not interested in instant, you can create your own flavors full of berries, or cinnamon, or whatever you fancy.  You can even go a little nuts with walnuts, pecans, or almonds; the possibilities are endless! 

Teaching is like oatmeal for my soul.  I LOVE teaching.  It’s warm, full of hugs, high-fives, and wonderful notes and pictures from caring and loving students who are so excited you’re their teacher.  It’s fulfilling.  There is nothing in the whole world like that moment when you help a student realize their potential, or get to witness the “a-ha” moment when the lessons click and the learning light comes on in a child’s mind.  You certainly can’t beat the variety. 

Each year as the end of summer draws to a close I find myself shivering with anticipation as I think about oatmeal for breakfast on chilly school mornings and the many different students who will be in my class.  I look forward to their smiles, their excitement, their stories, and yes, even going a little nuts with their challenges.

Breakfast tomorrow:  Peaches and cream, I think.  YUM!     

P.S.  Drumming went well!  I felt better and didn't throw any sticks, knock over the ball, or crash into anyone!  


  1. Teaching IS like oatmeal--who knew! I like mine with lots of peanut butter--sticky peanut butter. Teaching is sometimes sticky, but the flavor is enough to keep coming back to it day after day. Because who can live without peanut butter/our students? Great blog!

  2. Very nice! Some years the oatmeal is lumpier than others, right? I think I love the lumps the most. :-)

  3. Very nice! Some years the oatmeal is lumpier than others, right? I think I love the lumps the most. :-)